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Boat trips timetable Lake Garda
1. General information on boat trips on Lake Garda

There are only relatively few ships operating on longer routes on Lake Garda, so it is important to note the departure times.Many liners also have the option of taking bicycles with them. The timetable shows which ships offer this option.

2. Worthwhile boat trips

All boat trips are worthwhile. Nevertheless, we would like to highlight a few here. The boat trip from Toscolano-Maderno via Gardone, Salò to Garda and Sirmione is interesting. This is a nice day trip to the beautiful Sirmione peninsula.

A nice boat trip is also from Salò via Gardone, Toscolano-Maderno, Gargnano, Malcesine, Limone and Riva. Riva has a beautiful beach promenade and an interesting old town.

On the east side of Lake Garda, a trip by boat from Peschiera to Lazise, Bardolino, Garda, Torri and Malcesine is worthwhile.

With the car ferry from Toscolano-Maderno to Torri you can greatly shorten the lake bypass, especially when there is a lot of traffic in summer.

3. Aktueller Schiffs-Fahrplan Gardasee
4. Aktueller Fahrplan Autofähre Maderno - Torri
5. Restaurants

Viele gute Restaurants finden Sie mit Tripadvisor. Dort sehen Sie viele Fotos und können auch die Kommentare der Kunden lesen.

5. Weitere Informationen

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Burgruine mit Aussicht

Canale di Tenno

Kletterfelsen in Sarca-Tal

Tenno mit dem Gardasee im Hintergrund

Canale di Tenno

Kletterfelsen von Arco

Botanischer Garten & Burgruine

Kletterfelsen bei Arco

Blick in Richtung Monte Brione

Arco & Felsen & Burgruine

Lago di Tenno

Die Burgruine von Arco

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