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Piazza Navona & Pantheon

In the center of Rome , around the two squares Piazza Navona and Piazza del Pantheon, every few meters you will come across a magnificent fountain, palace, piazza or monument. You can easily explore the center of Rome with its many churches, squares and buildings on foot. There are also some interesting shopping streets in the center of Rome, such as Via dei Coronari, Via Giulia, Via Montserrato, Via Banchi Vecchi and Via dei Gubbonari.

1. Piazza Navona

The Piazza Navona is perhaps the most beautiful square in Rome. It is framed by beautiful churches, houses and palaces: the Palazzo Braschi (Museo di Roma), the Church of Sant'Agnese and the Palazzo Pamphili (Brazilian Embassy); In the center of Piazza Navona is the monumental fountain Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, built by Bernini in the 16th century. The 4 giants of the fountain represent the four largest known rivers on earth at that time - Ganges, Danube, Nile and Rio de la Plata. ​


In front of the fountain is the Church of Sant'Agnese in Agone. Borromini helped build this interesting and peculiar church in the 16th century. The other two beautiful fountains in Piazza Navona are: Fontana del Moro and Fontana di Nettuno.

Link: - Information about Sant Agnese in Agone, in English. ​


Museo Nazionale Romano: Palazzo Altemps - The Palazzo Altemps, just behind Piazza Navona, is part of the museum complex (3 museums - 1 ticket for all three museums) Museo Nazionale Romano. This palace houses a unique collection of ancient sculptures ​


Palazzo Pamphili - This beautiful palace, now the Brazilian Embassy, ​​is located right on Piazza Navona. Normally it cannot be visited.


Palazzo Braschi - This beautiful palace, near Piazza Navona, with an impressive façade now houses the Museo di Roma museum, which is well worth seeing ​


Palazzo Madama - The imposing palace is located just off Piazza Navona and was completed in the 15th century. Today it is the seat of the Italian Senate. It can be visited on Saturdays with a guided tour. ​

Link: - experience Rome, discover Rome, info in German.

Link: - General tourist information about Rome, also in English.


Osteria del Pegno

​Good, small, typical Italian restaurant near Piazza Navona

Address Vicolo di Monte Vecchio 8, Rome

Phone +39 06 68 80 70 25

2. Via del Governo Vecchio & Via dei Coronari

Via del Governo Vecchio - The beautiful little street Via del Governo Vecchio starts right at the Piazza Navona, with many interesting houses from the 16th century).This road leads from Piazza Navona in the direction of Castel Sant'Angelo and the Vatican. Near Via del Governo Vecchio stands the imposing and especially beautiful Chiesa Nuova church from the 16th century, decorated with frescoes by Pietro da Cortona and paintings by Rubens.San Filippo Neri, the builder of this church, is buried in a side chapel of his church.


Via dei Coronari - Just past Piazza Navona is Via dei Coronari - now a beautiful, picturesque antiques street.At the end of the road you get to the Tiber River. Here you cross the Tiber (Tevere) on a pedestrian bridge and get to Castel Sant'Angelo and the Vatican.


​Restaurants & Ice cream shops & Pubs


La Gelateria Frigidarium

Mega delicious ice cream with about 16 different varieties.Location: 210 meters from Piazza Navona

Address Via del Governo Vecchio 112

 Abbey Theatre Irish Pub

Here you can enjoy your beer and cocktail with great music and always in a good mood. Small or larger appetites are also catered for. Location: 210 meters from Piazza Navona

Address Via del Governo Vecchio 51/52/53


Ristorante "Da Tonino"- Trattoria Bassetti

The place is very cute and small and typically Italian.Good food and friendly staff.Location: 350 meters from Piazza Navona.

Address Via del Governo Vecchio 18/19

Phone +39 06 45 47 01 72

3. San Luigi dei Francesi & other churches

Church of San Luigi dei Francesi- The French national church of Rome, which is well worth seeing, was completed by Giacomo della Porta and Domenico Fontana in the 16th century. It is halfway between Piazza Navona and the Pantheon. Of particular interest are the many tombs of famous Frenchmen and three paintings by Caravaggio in a side chapel. Here are Caravaggio's first religious images: The Calling of the Apostle, The Martyrdom of St. Matthew, and St. Matthew and the Angels. The three pictures are characterized by their great realism and Caravaggio's typical light effects.

Link: - Information on the French church Chiesa San Luigi dei Francesi, in French. ​


Church of Santa Maria della Pace- Very close to Piazza Navona is the Church of Santa Maria della Pace. It is a monastery church of Brazilian nuns and is famous for its baroque facade, which is unique in Rome, as well as for some excellent art monuments inside. Also known is the adjacent cloister, the first confirmed work of Donato Bramante in Rome. The cloister and the adjoining monastery rooms are now used as an exhibition space, primarily for historical exhibitions.

Link: - Information on the Chiostro del Bramante, near the church of Santa Maria della Pace. Information in English.

Santa Maria dell' Anima- On a side street off Piazza Navona, the Church of Santa Maria dell'Anima (built in the 15th century) just past Piazza Navona is the German National Catholic Church and today the Church of the German Speaking Catholics in Rome. Pope Adrian VI is buried in the chancel of the church. ​


Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza - church built by Borromini, a baroque jewel, is located near Piazza Navona. The church stands in the courtyard of the Palazzo della Sapienza, where public concerts are held during the summer. ​


Church of Santa Maria in Vallicella (Ex Chiesa Nuova) - Imposing and especially beautiful inside church from the 16th century, decorated with frescoes by "Pietro da Cortona" and paintings by "Rubens". San Filippo Neri, the builder of this church, is buried in a side chapel of his church. To visit this church you have to walk a little along the interesting and ancient Via del Governo Vecchio, starting from Piazza Navona.

4. Pantheon

Pantheon - In the Middle Ages, this Roman temple dedicated to the gods became a church. The Pantheon, with its diameter and height of 43 meters and its huge dome, is a symbol of Rome and a marvel of Roman architecture. In the Piazza del Pantheon (Piazza della Rotonda) we find the Fontana della Rotonda fountain. The obelisk of the Pantheon, which can be admired in the square, was built in the time of Ramses II and brought to Rome by Emperor Domitian. Around the beautiful square, many cafes and restaurants invite you to linger.

Link: - Information about the Pantheon, in English.


Bistrot Achilli al Parlamento

Good Italian restaurant. Location: North of the Pantheon.

Address Via dei Prefetti 15, Roma

Phone +39 06 687 34 46

Casa Coppelle

Good food and friendly service. You sit very comfortably, either inside in a special and stylish ambience or outside on the low-traffic Piazza delle Coppelle. Location: north of the Pantheon

Address Piazza delle Coppelle 49, Roma

Phone +39 06 68 89 17 07

Da Armando al Pantheon

Good osteria, authentic, original Roman cuisine. Location: at the Pantheon

Address Salita de Crescenzi 31, Roma

Phone +39 06 68 80 30 34


La Ciambella Bar a Vin con Cucina

Good restaurant with friendly staff. Location: Near the Pantheon

Address Via dell'Arco della Ciambella 20, Roma

Phone +39 06 683 29 30


Casa Bleve

Restaurant with a wonderfully restored room in an old palazzo. Good restaurant with Italian specialties. Location: near the Pantheon

Address Via del Teatro Valle 48/49, Roma

Phone +39 06 686 59 70

Il Buco

Restaurant with specialties from Tuscany. Location: near the Pantheon

Address Via S. Ignazio, Roma

Phone +39 06 679 32 98

Restaurant Miscellanea

Restaurant for small snacks, at noon.

Address Via della Palombella 37, Roma

Phone +39 06 68 13 53 18

Trattoria Maccheroni

Typical Italian trattoria, busy, down to earth. Simply furnished, open kitchen and very tasty Italian food. Friendly service. Location: near the Pantheon.

Address Piazza delle Coppelle 44, Roma

Phone +39 06 68 30 78 95

Eisdiele Giolitti

One of the best gelaterias in Rome, with a huge selection.

Address Via degli Uffici del Vicario 40, Roma

5. Santa Maria sopra Minerva & Sant Ignazio di Loyola

Church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva- Located next to the Pantheon, this 13th-century church is one of Rome's few Gothic buildings. It is equipped with magnificent chapels and many works of art.In front of the church stands a marble elephant with an obelisk erected by Bernini.


Piazza di Sant'Ignazio and Church of Sant'Ignazio di Loyola- The Piazza di Sant'Ignazio is Filippo Raguzzini's masterpiece, an example of Roman Rococo. It is very close to the Pantheon. The church of Sant'Ignazio di Loyola, built in the 16th century, is a Jesuit church. In it you can admire various interesting, perspective ceiling paintings.

Link: - Information on the Church of Sant Ignazio di Loyola, in English.

6. Palazzo Doria Pamphili & Palazzo di Montecitorio

Palazzo Doria Pamphili - This beautiful palace / museum now houses a collection of over 400 paintings, some of them famous, from the 15th to 18th centuries.


Palazzo di Montecitorio and Obelisk of Montecitorio - This imposing palace was built by Bernini and is now a government building (Chamber of Deputies) and cannot normally be visited. There is an imposing obelisk on the large square in front of the government palace. ​


Hadrian's Temple - In the Piazza di Pietra are the remains of the temple dedicated to Emperor Hadrian, built in 145 AD. In the 17th century the temple was incorporated into a building. The high, still visible columns of the palace are impressive.


Mark Aurelius Column (Colonna di Marc Aurelio) - Located in Piazza Colonna and close to the Pantheon, this imposing column was built around 180 AD. erected to glorify his victories over the barbarian tribes of the Danube. ​


Galleria Alberto Sordi - Modern shopping center with cafes in Piazza Colonna.

Piazza Navona

Rokoko - Platz bei der Kirche "Sant'Ignazio di Loyola"

Church San Luigi dei Francesi


Square with church Santa Maria sopra Minerva and elephant - obelisk

Piazza Colonna with Colonna di Marc -Aurelio

Piazza Navona - Fontana di Nettuno

Church Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza


Church Santa Maria sopra Minerva

Museo Nazionale Romano - "Palazzo  Altemps"

Palazzo di Montecitorio

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