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Salò & Isola del Garda

Salò is located in a picturesque bay. The entire lake side of Salò is characterized by the Lungolago Giuseppe Zanardelli, a very busy lake promenade that blends in extremely harmoniously with the rest of the city. Salò is ideal for strolling and shopping, in the beautiful car-free streets.

1. Sights

Palazzo della Magnifica Patria. On the lakefront of Salò you can admire the 16th-century Palazzo del Podestà, seat of the Council of the Magnifica Patriawar. In the 16th century, Salò was under the influence of Venice, the most important city from an economic, strategic and military point of view. Part of the current building is a reconstruction of the original that was lost during the 1901 earthquake. In the coffered ceiling of the loggia are the coats of arms of all the municipalities that were part of the Magnifica Patria. The symbol of Venice is the lion and several can be seen scattered around the town hall.


The Duomo Santa Maria Annunziata is located in the old town. Although the large late-Gothic building from the 15th century doesn't make a great impression from the outside, the interior of the church is magnificent and extraordinary at the same time. Inside the church, the first thing worth seeing is the floor. Its mosaics have an extraordinary 3D effect. In the many typically Italian side chapels there are many beautiful sculptures and paintings to admire. Highlights include the painting by Gerolamo da Romano depicting Saint Anthony of Padua and the depiction of Christ created by the 16th-century sculptor Johannes Teutonicus. The crucifix by Hans von Ulm from 1499 is also beautiful.


Salò is a really pretty town and invites you to linger and stroll. Its beautiful old town with the typical houses and the three-kilometer-long lake promenade exudes a lot of flair and coziness. There are many inviting bars, restaurants and ice cream parlors on the waterfront.

2. Swimming & Sports & Golf

The child-friendly bathing beach Conca d'Orobei Salò is a long, wide, free pebble beach south of the city.Access to the water is not easy due to a bank protection wall.A few small bathing jetties are ideal for this. ​


Due bike - shop, rent, service, via Domenico Signori 6, Tormini di Roè Volciano (above Salò).Here you can rent e-bikes. ​


Golf near Salò: Golf Club Il Colombaro - Via Colombaro 1 - Salò. ​


3. Excursions & boat trips timetable Lake Garda

Line ships on Lake Garda travel north from Desenzano to Malcesine and Riva. From Riva you can return via Gargnano, Salò and Desenzano.


For information on the boat schedule on Lake Garda click here...

The car ferry takes you from Toscolano to Torri in 20 minutes. There is a lot to see on the Verona side of Lake Garda: Gardaland, Colà thermal park, various nature parks and water parks, cable car from Malcesine to Monte Baldo (at 1700 meters altitude), Verona. On the Brescian side of Lake Garda you can visit the beautiful towns of Toscolano-Maderno, Gardone and Salò.


For information on the timetable of the Lake Garda - car ferry from Toscolano-Maderno to Torri click here...

Excursion to Lake Garda Island, with organized guided tours.The starting points for the tours are: Salò, Gardone and Toscolano-Maderno.


From Salò you can take a boat to all the towns on the lake, heading south: Garda, Bardolino, Lazise and Sirmione. To the north: Toscolano-Maderno, Gargnano, Malcesine, Limone and Riva ​


Vallio Thermal Baths Terme di Vallio (near Salò).Thermal facility with thermal water for drinking cure. Attention: No swimming pool, here the healing water is drunk for therapy in the beautiful park. Vallio is known for its alkaline bicarbonate waters, which come from the Castello spring. Thanks to its properties, the water has a diuretic, normalizing and stimulating effect on the digestive processes. Note: Bottled medicinal water can also be purchased and taken away. ​


4. Restaurants

Ristorante Villa Arcadio

Beautifully presented plates; special menus, attentive service with advice on drinks. Wonderful view on the terrace, nice ambiance.

Address Via Palazzina 2, località Villa di Salò, Salò

Phone +39 0365 42 281


La Campagnola

Located near the center of Salo.

Address Via Brunati, 11, 25087 Salò (Brescia).

Phone +39 0365 221 53

Rest day Monday

Osteria di Mezzo

The inn takes its name from the alley where it is located, one of the oldest in the city. One of Salò 's top restaurants, best to reserve a few days in advance.

Address Via di Mezzo, 10, 25087 Salò (Brescia).

Phone +39 0365 29 09 66

Rest day Tuesday


Every visit is a great experience. Excellent food, great wines, great location and very courteous staff with a high level of expertise.

Address Piazza Sant'Antonio 3 - Salò (Brescia)

Phone +39 0365 202 33

Rest days Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Gallo Rosso

Good, modernly furnished restaurant, with delicious Italian dishes.

Address Vicolo Tomacelli, 4, 25087 Salò (Brescia).

Phone +39 0365 52 07 57

Rest day Wednesday

Osteria dell'Orologio

Excellent restaurant in the center of Salò. At the entrance there is also a bar with a good selection of wines from the Lake Garda area.

Address Via Butturini, 26, 25087 Salò (Brescia).

Phone +39 0365 29 01 58

Rest day Wednesday

Ristorante Civico 7

Good, intimate restaurant with a terrace offering a refined cuisine

Address Via Duomo 7, Salò (Brescia).

Phone +39 329 778 5105

Rest day Wednesday

Agriturismo Bel di Bertussi

Good restaurant near Salò

Address Via Mascontina, Puegnago sul Garda (in der Nähe von Salò)

Phone +39 0365 65 40 94

Il rudere - Agriturismo and Restaurant

Good, simple restaurant. Located high above Gardone, near the village of San Michele

Address Via Serniga 8, Salò

Phone +39 347 252 28 46


Il bagnolo - Eco lodge - Restaurant

Good, simple restaurant. Located high above Gardone, near the village of San Michele

Address Via dei Cler 9, Ort: Bagnola, bei Serniga di Salo

Phone +39 0365 20 290

5. Events

Events in Salò:

  • Weekly market in Salò, every week, every Saturday

  • Garda flowers exhibition.Flowers, plants, colors and scents of Lake Garda, in Salò, in April

  • Jazz Friday Nights.Girovagando i Jazz, in Salò, in June

  • Dance emotions. Emozioni in danza, in Salò, in June

  • Concert: Little and Junior Band. Music in Salò, in June

  • happy blue hour Music in Salò, from June to September

  • Summer Music Festival on Lake Garda. Estate musicale del Garda, in Salò, in July

  • Fireworks with musical accompaniment. Grande spettacolo pirotecnico musicale, in Salò, in August

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Salò - Lake promenade & Dom

Isola del Garda - Schloss Villa Borghese mit Park

Port at Isola del Garda

Caffetteria Vassalli in Salò

Zentrum von Salò - Shopping - Cafes

Konzert beim Dom von Salò

Schiffsanlegestelle Salò

Villa Borghese at Isola del Garda

Cappuccino at the Lake

Autofreie Seepromenade von Salò

Isola del Garda - Park

Bucht von Salò

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