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Verona has a medieval old town built on either side of the meandering Adige River. It is known for being the setting for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The Arena of Verona is a huge 1st-century Roman amphitheater that hosts concerts and high-quality opera performances. Around the beautiful squares of the old town, Verona is a shopping paradise.

1. Sights

Verona offers many sights (squares, palaces and churches).It is best to get the Verona Card (day ticket), with which you can visit many sights for free or at a reduced price. Public transport is also included in this very interesting card. ​


You can find the main sights of Verona with the following links: ​

Link: - Verona travel guide, in English. ​

Link: - General tourist information about Verona

Link: - Information about the churches in Verona, in English.

2. Arena di Verona, Piazza delle Erbe & Casa di Giulietta

The Roman amphitheater Arena di Verona is the most famous monument of Verona. Today the Arena of Verona is embedded in the city center and forms part of the backdrop of the Piazza Brà. ​


Verona's most important monument from Roman times, with its mighty stone steps and the actual central arena, which was intended for gladiator fights, animal fights or other popular events and demonstrations, was built from mighty blocks of marble in the 1st century AD. Among the monuments of this type, it is undoubtedly one of the best preserved. ​


The arena has always been used primarily for events and performances of all kinds. In the Middle Ages and up to the middle of the XVIII. In the 19th century, tournaments and competitions were held in the arena. In 1913 it was finally discovered for what it is today: the world's first real and most important open-air theater for opera festivals. ​


The Piazza Brà with the pink marble promenade and the equestrian statue of King Vittorio Emanuele II is the largest piazza in Verona. The square is lined with cafés, restaurants and notable buildings such as the Arena, City Hall and the Palazzo della Gran Guardia. A shady garden surrounds the Fontana delle Alpi fountain.

The Museo Lapidario Maffeiano is located near the Arena. In addition to the archaeological museum in the Roman theater, the Museo Lapidario Maffeiano also shows finds that give us an insight into the lives of people in earlier times. The museum, which is one of the oldest archaeological museums in Europe, displays Etruscan, Greek and Roman finds with a focus on stelae (gravestones) and urns. ​


The Piazza delle Erbe is completely framed by spectacular historic buildings (e.g. Palazzo Maffei) and exudes a unique flair. Today, residents and tourists alike flock here to relax with a glass of wine or an Aperol Spritz and soak up the atmosphere of the beautiful setting. In the center of the square is the ancient fountain Fontana di Madonna Verona. ​


Due to its height and appearance, the Torre dei Lamberti is the dominant and most impressive building in Piazza delle Erbe and the neighboring Piazza dei Signori. It is 84 meters high in total, making it one of the tallest buildings in Verona. From the top you get a spectacular view of the old town. ​


It appears like an inner courtyard, the Piazza dei Signori. This impression is created by the magnificent buildings that surround the square in the center of Verona and are connected by gates and arcades. Political and administrative life was regulated from these buildings, particularly during the Scaliger period. In the center of the piazza is a three meter high Dante monument made of white Carrara marble. ​


Casa di Giulietta- In a backyard in Via Cappello you will find the family home with what is perhaps the most famous balcony in literary history - a real Verona sight. There is also a statue of Juliet here, said to bring good luck. On the walls of the backyard and the passage you will find countless love messages, small letters with requests to Julia and several painted hearts.

3. Castelvecchio & Basilica San Zeno Maggiore

The medieval castle of the ruling family della Scala is located directly on the Adige (Etsch), the river that flows through the heart of Verona. Today, the Castelvecchio houses an art museum that is well worth seeing and focuses on the Renaissance. Here you can marvel at a number of Veronese works of art. The Scaliger Bridge (Ponte Scaligero) at Castelvecchio leads over the Adige and was originally intended to serve as an escape route for the people of Castelvecchio. ​


Arco di Gavi- The Roman triumphal arch from the 1st century AD is a popular sight in Verona with its monumental beauty. It is located near the Castelvecchio. The Arco dei Gavi was built of white stone by the influential Gens Gavia family and served as Verona's city gate in the Middle Ages. ​


The Basilica San Zeno Maggiore impresses with its imposing architecture, the beautiful facade and the unique bronze doors. The famous door wings are adorned with 48 small, detailed bronze plaques depicting scenes from the Old and New Testaments. It was built between the 12th and 13th centuries.

4. Basilica di Santa Anastasia & Castel San Pietro

The Castel San Pietro is a medieval castle situated on a hill above Verona. Coming from the city center you cross the Adige on the Ponte Pietra bridge. You can go up by a path with numerous stairs or you can take the Funicular of Castel San Pietro. From up here magnificent panoramic views of Verona. ​


The Teatro Romano di Verona is located near the Castel San Pietro. While it's much smaller than the Arena di Verona, it's still worth seeing. In the meantime, performances are taking place in this Roman theater again at irregular intervals. ​


A few kilometers from Verona is the Parco delle Cascate di Molina. There are three hiking routes of varying difficulty in the waterfall park. Let yourself be enchanted by nature and the magical atmosphere. Amidst the lush vegetation, discover the large caves and rushing waterfalls and visit the old mill.

5. Restaurants

Vescovo Moro

The restaurant is just 50 meters from the Basilica di San Zeno. This restaurant is known for Italian cuisine, exquisite wines and an atmospheric ambience. Friendly service.

Address Via Pontida 3, Verona

Phone +39 045 803 50 84


Trattoria I Masenini

Kitchen and service just perfect. The garden under the Buon Castello Castle is unique.

Address Via Roma 34, Verona

Phone +39 045 806 51 69

Rest day Sunday


Al Capitan della Cittadella

One of the best fish restaurants in Verona just a few steps outside the centre. Pleasant, modern ambience.

Address Piazza Cittadella 7/a, Verona

Phone +39 045 59 51 57

Rest day Sunday


Locanda 4 Cuochi

The Locanda is just a few meters from the Arena. You can also sit outside, on a slightly less crowded side street. The food is perfect and the service very friendly and attentive.

Address Via Alberto Mario 12, Verona

Phone +39 045 803 03 11

Rest day Monday


Caffe Dante Bistrot

Housed in a historic building on the beautiful Piazza Dei Signori, the restaurant is run by a young, dynamic team. The food is of good quality.

Address Piazza Dei Signori 2, Verona

Phone +39 045 800 00 83

Rest day Monday


Ristorante Al Cristo

In a building from the 16th century, not far from the Ponte Nuovo, the restaurant extends with an excellent wine cellar and a pretty outdoor area. Good local cuisine. You sit outside in a very relaxed manner under the arbors.

Address Piazzetta Pescheria 6a, Verona

Phone +39 045 59 42 87

Rest day Monday


Trattoria Al Pompiere

One of Verona's oldest trattorias has recently reopened - excellent local cuisine.

Address Vicolo Regina d'Ungheria 5, Verona

Phone +39 045 803 05 37

Rest day Sunday


Osteria Ristorante Ponte Pietra

Historical building on the bridge of the same name. The balconies overlook the river; plus enchanting guest rooms and a kitchen connected to the homeland.

Address Via Ponte Pietra 34, Verona

Phone +39 348 420 59 15


Osteria La Fontanina

Wonderful food in a unique ambience! The food is excellent.

Address Portichetti Fontanelle Santo Stefano 3, Verona

Phone +39 045 91 33 05


Trattoria Al Bersagliere

The cuisine celebrates the traditions of Veneto. Family business with lots of space in the outdoor area - very cleanly set tables.

Friendly service and lovingly prepared dishes

Address Via Dietro Pallone 1, Verona

Phone +39 045 800 48 24

Rest day Monday


Ristorante Vecio Macello

Great atmosphere in a lovingly renovated and tastefully furnished former butcher's shop. Today it is a good fish restaurant. Excellent food quality. Very courteous service

Address Via Macello 8, Verona

Phone +39 045 803 03 48

6. Events

Events in Verona:


  • Opera Festival in the Arena di Verona (from mid-June to early September) - Info:

  • Concerts at the Arena di Verona, called Estate Veronese, from May to September

  • Estate teatrale Veronese, with dance, theater and music (from late June to mid-September) - Venue: Teatro Romano Verona

  • Verona in Love - Events around Valentine's Day (in Verona, in February)

  • Tocati Festival - International Street Games Festival (in Verona, in September)

  • International Horse Fair, with exhibitors from all over the world (in Verona, in November)

  • Veneto / Verona area, near Lake Garda: Open doors day in the wineries of the Veneto / Verona / Lake Garda region, with wine tastings in various locations in the south and east of Lake Garda (in May)

  • Vinitaly Wine Fair - International wine and spirits exibition (in Verona, in April)

  • Legend cars - Fair of historic cars in Verona, in May.

  • Marmomacc - International Fair of Marble - Design and Technology (in Verona, in September)

Verona - Piazza delle Erbe

Arena di Verona

Verona - Piazza delle Erbe

Chiesa di San Zeno in Oratorio

Verona - Piazza delle Erbe

Verona - Casa di Giulietta

Verona - The river Adige

Verona - The river Adige

Verona - Castelvecchio

Verona - Casa di Giulietta

Arena di Verona


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