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Castelli Romani / Alban hills

The area of the Castelli Romani (also called Colli Albani or Alban Hills) is located just outside the gates of Rome. The long, warm summer lasts from May to September, with average temperatures of 28ºC, ideal for relaxation, excursions and swimming. In spring and autumn the climate is very mild, ideal for hiking and excursions. In this area you can visit many beautiful, culturally interesting, ancient towns and hike in the beautiful landscape around the two lakes Lago di Albano and Lago di Nemi. The area is known for wine and olive oil production, and you can taste these and other excellent local specialties here. The area of the Castelli Romani offers beautiful views of the nearby sea, which can be reached in about 30 minutes by car.

Link: - Visit Castelli Romani. Tourist information for visiting the Castelli Romani, also in English.

1. Genzano di Roma & Lago di Nemi

Genzano is a small town on the beautiful Lake Nemi with a medieval town centre. On the highest point in the village center of Genzano is the Palazzo Sforza Cesarini, with its beautiful park, which can be visited with guided tours. The other sights are mainly in the surrounding, nearby towns. In Ariccia (3 km away) you can visit the stately Palazzo Chigi, with a museum and gardens. Castel Gandolfo (5 km away) is an idyllic village high above Lake Albano. Here the Pope has his summer residence, which can be visited together with a large, beautiful park. ​


Nemi (4 km from Genzano), a small characteristic town in the area of ​​the Castelli Romani, stands picturesquely on the slope above the blue crater lake "Lago di Nemi", surrounded by steep forest flanks. Enjoy the practically traffic-free town of Nemi and the beautiful view of the lake, Genzano di Roma and the sea. In the strawberry town of Nemi you can taste local products such as the famous wild strawberries, honey, wine and "ciambelline" (squiggles). In the bars / restaurants high above the lake you can also enjoy the strawberries (fragole di Nemi) in the form of tarts or together with a "gelato". Below Nemi is the lake (Lago di Nemi), on the shore of which is the Museum of Roman Ships and where thousand-year-old legends of the goddess Diana are woven. There are various beautiful hiking trails around Lake Nemi.

Events in Genzano:

The Flower Festival - The Infiorata di Genzano di Roma. A large and well-known folk festival that takes place every year in June, usually on the weekend after the Corpus Christi festival. The festival begins with the Maestri Infioratori who, using chalk, transfer the stencils of their designs directly onto the floor of the ancient Via Livia (today Via I. Belardi).This is the basis for the flower carpets. The sketches of the "Maestri Infioratori" are then laid out with flower petals. On the ancient Via Livia there is now a complete carpet of flowers consisting of various pictures, which is particularly beautiful to look at from the 1st floor of the town hall.

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2. Genzano: Shops

Supermarkets (outside the center of Genzano):

Carrefour - Supermarket

Address Via Giorgio Amendola 2/4 , Genzano di Roma

Coop - Supermarket

This supermarket has a good fish section and gluten free products

 Address Via Emilia Romagna 102, Genzano di Roma

Conad - Supermarket

Address Via Appia Vecchia, Genzano di Roma


Grocery stores, in the center of Genzano:


Macelleria Gnessi

Good butcher shop

Address Piazza IV Novembre 10, Genzano di Roma

Antico Forno a Legna Fratelli Marcellini

Genzano bread from the wood-fired oven

Address PCorso Don Giovanni Minzoni 4, Genzano di Roma

Macelleria Toscana

Good butcher shop

Address Via Giuseppe di Vittorio 6, Genzano di Roma

Norcineria di Azzocchi Danilo

Butcher - For porchetta and ready meals to take away, cold cuts, salami and cheese

Address Corso Don Minzoni 47, Genzano di Roma

Norcineria Castelli

Butcher shop - For porchetta, salami and buffalo mozzarella.

Address Corso Don Minzini 15, Genzano di Roma

 La Baronia – Caseificio

Cheese, mozzarella, mozzarella di bufala and similar products.

Address Corso Don Giovanni Minzoni 2, Genzano di Roma

Il Forno dei Michetti - Forno a legna

Forno - Good, fresh bread (also naturally leavened bread) and pizza

Address Via italo Belardi 45, Genzano di Roma

Forno a Legna da Moretto

Good fresh homemade bread (pane casareccio), a Genzano speciality.Homemade sweets

Address Corso Don Giovanni Minzoni 29, Genzano di Roma

Pescheria Stella Marina Di Conti Gianluca

Good fish shop. Be sure to note the opening days and times.

Address Via Stati Uniti d’America 9/11, Genzano di Roma

Phone +39 06 939 03 66

Farmer Market

fruits and vegetables

Address Via Giorgio Amendola 5/7, Genzano di Roma

Farma + Erbe - Erboristerie Dott. Biaggi - Parafarmacia - Erboristeria - Reformhaus

Organic products and muesli

Address Via Amendola 9/11, Genzano di Roma

Bottega del Celiaco

They have Gluten Free Products

Address Via Generale Roberto Lordi 119, Genzano di Roma

Telephone +39 06 87 88 90 56


Farmacia Carafa

Well organized pharmacy, in the center of Genzano

Address Via Italo Belardi 19, Genzano di Roma

Phone +39 06 939 60 03

3. Bathing lakes & Sea & Rome

Near Genzano, only 5 km away, is the beautiful bathing lake Lago di Albano. Various well-organized bathing beaches, with parasols and sun loungers, offer the opportunity to swim. At the beach Stabilimento balneare Le Lunette you can also rent sailing boats and pedal boats. Another possibility for swimming is the restaurant or bar La Ola, with a private beach. Here you can also rent sun loungers and paddle boats. The Lago di Albano also offers the possibility to hike around the entire lake in about 1 to 2 hours on a comfortable, beautiful hiking trail.


Also near Genzano (2 km away) is the second lake, called Lago di Nemi, on whose shores lies the Museum of the Roman Ships and where ancient legends of the goddess Diana spin. This lake is much smaller than Lago di Albano, but it too offers beautiful hiking trails down the lake and around the idyllic little village of Nemi.


The beautiful sea at Anzio, with dunes and clean, beautiful sandy beaches is only 23 km away from the Alban Hills / Castelli Romani and can be reached by car in about 35 minutes. The most beautiful bathing beaches are just north of Anzio. Here is a suggestion for bathing in the nearby sea: Coming from Anzio and driving along the sea for a few km towards Rome, you will reach the WWF Park Riserva Naturale di Tor Caldara. Just before the park, turn left into a small street (Via dei Lilla). It is a cul-de-sac that leads straight to the sea. Park the car here and at the end of this street go down the steps to the sea. You will find beautiful free bathing beaches with sand and rocks, but there is also the possibility to rent parasols and deck chairs in the bathing establishment. You will find a nice bar here, where you can also have a bite to eat.


The Circeo National Park is located in the south of Rome, around the town of Sabaudia. This area offers beautiful hiking trails in the national park, and of course fantastic beaches. The beach of "Torre Paola" is a long strip of coastal dunes that separates small lakes from the sea. Witch's nails and crinoids grow along the dunes. The sea here is often rough and always greenish in color, due to the reflection of Mount Circeo and the currents that guarantee transparent waters all year round. It is one of the most famous beaches of Sabaudia. These bathing beaches and the national park can be reached by car in about 1 1/4 hours.


From Genzano you can also easily reach the Eternal City of Rome with the local fast trains that run regularly from nearby town of Campoleone to Rome. For detailed information on visiting Rome go to the Villa Stauder holiday home information page -> click here

4. Castel Gandolfo & Ariccia & Lanuvio

Ariccia is very close to Genzano di Roma. Visit the majestic Palazzo Chigi and the Chiesa dell'Assunta, architectural masterpieces of Baroque art and the Bernini school. The beautiful park of the palace can also be visited with guided tours. The fine-tasting specialty porchetta (suckling pig) comes from the area of ​​Ariccia, which you can taste and also buy here. ​


Lanuvio (2 km from Genzano) is one of the oldest towns in the Castelli Romani, an ancient pre-Roman city and a crossroads between the Via Appia and the entrance to the sea. It has a pretty old town with medieval city walls and a unique view. Here you will find wine and gastronomy specialties. In the Lanuvio area the wine "Colli Lanuvini DOC" is produced, but also a wide variety of other typical products. The town also has typical bakeries where you can taste cakes, pizzas with a glass of Castelli Romani wine.


Castel Gandolfo is a typical town of the Castelli Romani, located on Lake Albano (Lago di Albano), with a beautiful view of the lake, sea and Rome. Here is the Pope's summer residence, the magic of untouched nature, and there are beautiful hiking trails around the lake, where you can also swim in summer. From Castel Gandolfo you can enjoy a beautiful panorama over Lake Albano (Lago di Albano), which conveys the magic of a still untouched nature.


The Lago di Albano is located near Castel Gandolfo. At the lake there is a large, well-organized bathing beach, called Stabilimento balneare Le Lunette, with parasols and sun loungers. Here you can swim and rent sailing boats and pedal boats. Another possibility for swimming is the restaurant / bar La Ola, which is on the lake side towards Castel Gandolfo. There is the possibility to swim at a small private beach of the restaurant. Here you can also rent sun loungers and paddle boats. You can walk around the whole lake on a comfortable, beautiful hiking trail and then stop off at one of the small restaurants at the end of the hike and taste the local specialties.

5. Grottaferrata & Rocca di Papa

Grottaferrata is located in the Alban Hills, north of Lake Albano and Castel Gandolfo. The monastery, the Abbazia di Grottaferrata, is worth seeing. The monastery was built by Saint Nilus and his successor San Bartolomeo. To this day, brothers of the Basilian order live in the monastery. The monastery, which is surrounded by defensive walls, has the monastery church of Santa Maria, with the beautiful Roman tower from the 12th century. This church is worth seeing, especially the Cappella di San Nilo and San Bartolomeo, which are painted with large-format frescoes on the life of the monastery founder . The monastery can be visited on certain days and at certain times.


The small town of Rocca di Papa, located high in the Alban Hills, has a winding medieval quarter that stretches up the mountainside with steep stairways to the castle ruins of Rocca. Above Rocca di Papa is Monte Cavo (about 900 meters high), a sacred mountain in ancient times. Here you can hike from Rocca di Papa up to Monte Cavo, along an old Roman path, the Via Sacra. You will reach a vantage point from where you have a beautiful view of the two lakes Lago di Albano and Lago di Nemi.


6. Frascati & Tusculum

Frascati is famous for its white wine and patrician villas (Ville Tuscolane), elegant 18th-century palaces that were home to ancient Roman noble families. Some park areas of these villas can be visited. In the immediate vicinity of Frascati you can go up to Tuscolo and visit the archaeological sites on the traces of the ancient Roman past, with beautiful hiking trails.


Outside of Frascati you can visit the convent "Sacro Eremo Tuscolano degli Eremiti Camaldolesi di Montecorona". It is located in the middle of the forest, in the Tusculum hill area. The convent can only be visited by men, but if you ring the bell at the entrance and wait a little, a monk will come and offer for sale excellent liquors made by the monks, mostly herbal. Attention: note the opening times, these are usually from 9 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. The convent can be reached from Frascati by taking the SP73b road. You go up this road almost to the park "Parco Archeologico Culturale di Tuscolo". A little before, a road turns left towards the village of Monte Porzio Catone. Go down this road for about 500 meters and then, on the right, you will find the small uphill road that after a few meters leads to the entrance of the convent.


The Tusculum is a beautiful hiking area above Frascati and offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains of the Alban Hills and Rome.


Genzano di Roma & Lago di Nemi

Genzano di Roma

Lago di Albano

Castel Gandolfo

Auf den Hügeln der Albaner Berge

Tusculum - Hiking area near Frascati

Lago di Nemi & Nemi

Sea & National park Circeo


Gleitschirmfliegen bei Norba


Convent Sacro Eremo Tuscolano

8. Designer Outlet Villages in the south of Rome

Designer Outlet Castel Romano

The most elegant of Rome's outlets is located about 20 km from the capital, on the Pontina expressway, more precisely in Castel Romano di San Pietro, about 20 minutes from Genzano di Roma. It is part of the Mcarthurglen Designer Outlets group. It is a center of elegant architecture complete with bars and restaurants. You can find all the most famous Italian and foreign brands here. Address Via Ponte di Piscina Cupa 64, Castel Romano, Rome.


Outlet Village Valmontone

This outlet is about 30 minutes from Genzano di Roma. For lovers of quality shopping, the Valmontone Outlet Village is the right opportunity to shop at over 170 stores and save on items from the best clothing brands and more. For those who enjoy shopping with the family, near the outlet is Rainbow Magicland Park, a large amusement park with 35 attractions, 3 theaters, an ice rink and 28 restaurants. Address Via della Pace località Pascolaro, Valmontone

Gärten von Ninfa , bei Sermoneta

Abbazia di Fossanova e Valvisciole , bei Sermoneta

7. Restaurants Genzano & Castelli Romani - Wine region


Taberna Livia Il Ristorantino

This little restaurant is a little surprise in Genzano. The taste and quality of the dishes are accompanied by great hospitality and courtesy. Excellent value for money.- Location: in the center of Genzano

Address Via Italo Belardi 93, Genzano di Roma

Phone +39 06 89 01 18 67

Trattoria dei Cacciatori

The good Italian restaurant with game specialties is located in the center of Genzano, where the annual international flower festival "L'infiorata" takes place.

Address Via Italo Belardi 86, Genzano di Roma.

Phone +39 06 939 60 60

Hosteria delle Scalette

Nice restaurant in the center. Good value for money.

Address Piazza, Via Don Nazario Galieti 18, Genzano di Roma.

Phone +39 06 93 95 50 95

Agriturismo Monte Due Torri - Restaurant/Pizzeria

Beautiful location with restaurant in the agriturismo. Good, tasty "pinsa" (a special, easily digestible type of pizza), but also other delicious dishes. Sympathetic and friendly staff. Location: In the countryside about 2 km south of Genzano di Roma.

Address Via Monte Giove Nuovo 77, Genzano di Roma

Phone +39 06 936 32 76

Osteria Pelliccione

They also offer Gluten Free dishes

Address Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini 13, Genzano di Roma

Telephone 06 936 44 80

Al Vecchio Mulino Club - Pub

Good, interesting Irish pub/restaurant slightly outside the center of Genzano.

Address Via Pietro Conti, Genzano di Roma.

Phone +39 34 78 69 97 52

Da Spartaco al Grottino

Here you will find Nemi's strawberry specialties Family-run trattoria - Ice parlor

Address Piazza Umberto I, Nemi

Trattoria Pietrino e Renata - Nemi

Friendly staff. Here you can enjoy tasty local dishes. Location: Right at the entrance to the car-free town of Nemi.

Address Piazza Roma 18, Nemi

Phone +39 06 936 81 09

Le Scalette

Good little restaurant with a small garden, in the center of Genzano di Roma

Address Via don Nazario Galieti, Genzano di Roma

Phone +39 347 854 97 54

Rest day Monday


L'Acqua Bulle - Restaurant

Typical, small restaurant in the center of Nemi village, by the Lago di Nemi lake

Address Corso Vittorio Emanuele 24, Nemi

Phone +39 06 68 97 55 37


Trattoria dei Cacciatori da Tiberio - Restaurant

Typical, small restaurant in the center of Nemi village, by the Lago di Nemi lake

Address Piazza Umberto I no. 6, Nemi

Phone +39 06 936 80 96


Ristorante Santi e Briganti

Typical, small restaurant with a terrace in the center of Nemi village, by the Lago di Nemi lake

Address Corso Vittorio Emanuele 6, Nemi

Phone +39 06 936 81 19


Il Ramo d'Oro

Typical, small restaurant at the lake Lago di Nemi

Address Via Nemorense 4, Nemi

Phone +39 06 936 80 48

​Lo Spuntino

Good regional Italian cuisine, friendly service. Fantastic ambience above Lake Albano.

Address Via Oratorio 1, Castel Gandolfo (RM).

Phone +39 06 936 02 26

Rest day Wednesday

Il Grottino - Restaurant und Pizzeria

Specialty fish dishes. The restaurant is in the historic center with a view of the lake.

Address Via Saponara 2, Castel Gandolfo.

Phone +39 06 936 14 14

Rest day Monday

Antico Ristorante Pagnanelli

Beautiful location on the lake, with a beautiful view from the terrace.

Address Via Antonio Gramsci 4, Lago Castel Gandolfo

Phone +39 06 936 00 04

Hostaria - Antica Pasta all'Uovo Innocenzio

Here you can enjoy or buy fresh pasta. You can also sit outside on the traffic-free street and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of Castel Gandolfo. Rich , tasty appetizers and good first courses of excellent quality. The desserts are delicious too. Location: in the village center of Castel Gandolfo.

Address Corso della Repubblica 40, Castel Gandolfo

Phone +39 06 83 90 64 82


Ristorante Bucci

The terrace with a great view is beautifully covered. The food fine and sufficient. The eatery is very nicely decorated and also open and airy.

Address Via dei Zecchini 31, Castel Gandolfo

Phone +39 06 932 33 34


Ristorante La Quintessa

Good food and the value for money is ok. You have to take your time here, sometimes you have to wait a little for the food - Location: Down by the lake, in a beautiful location with a bit of a lake view.

Address Via Spiaggia del Lago 20/B, Castel Gandolfo

Phone +39 06 93 80 20 29

Ristorante La Galleria di Sopra

Fish restaurant. Nice staff, good cuisine, with attention to detail.

Address Via Leonardo Murialdo 9, Albano Laziale

Phone +39 06 932 27 91

La Pizzetta - di Varesi Stefano - Pizzeria / Trattoria

Good restaurant, also for fish dishes.You can also eat outside on the terrace.It is located in the central square of Lanuvio.

Address Via Cardinal Trombetta 4, Lanuvio

Phone +39 06 93 78 10 66

Phone +39 339 53 64 394

Rest day Tuesday


Antico Borgo - Pizzeria / Trattoria

Good restaurant in the historic center of Lanuvio

Address Via Stampiglia 10, Lanuvio

Phone +39 06 937 63 35

Phone +39 328 271 79 27

Taverna dello Spuntino

The Taverna dello Spuntino is located in a hotel and is somewhat isolated in the old town of Grottaferrata. Good local food. It's a small restaurant, so it's best to reserve in advance.

Address Via Cicerone 20/22, Grottaferrata

Phone +39 06 94 31 59 85


L'Oste della Bon'Ora

One of the best restaurants in the area. Excellent slow food cuisine. Family business.

Address Viale Vittorio Veneto 133, Grottaferrata

Phone +39 06 941 37 78

Il Monticello - Restaurant

Cozy, good restaurant with a rustic flair near the city center. Typical homemade food.

Address Via Romoli 27, Monte Porzio Catone

Phone +39 06 944 93 53


Cacciani - Restaurant

One of the most famous restaurants in the Castelli Romani. Good Italian cuisine and fantastic panoramic views from the terrace.

Address Via Armando Diaz 13/15, Frascati

Phone +39 06 942 03 78

Hostaria Santa Maria

Friendly family run restaurant. Good Roman cuisine - Location: In the center of Frascati

Address Via Regina Margherita 9, Frascati

Phone +39 06 941 73 79

Wine Region Genzano & Castelli Romani / Alban Hills - South of Rome

Azienda agricola biologica di Donato Giangirolami - Wine producer

This winery is located a few km from the Castelli Romani, between the towns of Aprilia and Latina. Has various good white wines, for example Grechetto

Address Strada del Cavaliere 1414, Borgo Montello (Lt)

Phone +39 0773 45 86 26


Casale San Paolo Snc Di Tranquilli Luigi - Wine producer

This winery is located a few km from the Castelli Romani, towards the sea.Good white wines

Address Via Colli S. Paolo 12, Aprilia (LT)

Phone +39 06 927 81 61

Poggio le Volpi Enoteca Wine & Food - Wine producer

The winery is located near Frascati.Good wines from the Castelli Romani area can be bought here at the winery.For example: white wine: Donnaluce - red wine: Baccarossa

Address Via di Fontana Candida 3/c, Monte Porzio Catone

Phone +39 06 941 66 41

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