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Riva & Arco & Lake Tenno

Riva del Garda, surrounded by high mountains, is the lively capital of northern Lake Garda, with good shopping opportunities. Beautiful and long beaches. Riva is very popular with bathers, but also with surfers and sailors thanks to the reliable winds. The old town is car-free and has many small shops, restaurants and cafes.


Arco is a health resort north of Riva, with a pretty old town and cozy bars and a castle ruin worth seeing. Beautiful villas, gardens and promenades. Above all, Arco is known as a climbing stronghold, with spectacular rocks and an interesting climbing stadium.


The medieval village of Canale di Tenno is located near Arco and above Lake Garda, not far from Lake Tenno. The village languished for a long time before it was revived by artists in the 1960s.

Lake Tenno is truly a pearl in the middle of the Trentino landscape with a wonderful shade of sky blue and turquoise. It offers beautiful hiking opportunities.

1. Sights in Riva & Arco

Rocca di Riva sea fortress - The very old moated castle of Riva del Garda, the Rocca di Riva, has retained a strict and at the same time elegant appearance to this day. The fortress is characterized by the stone walls, the four corner towers, the small entrance bridge over the canal that reflects the gardens and trees of the Brolio Park of Riva. Today it is the seat of the Municipal Museum, where important testimonies of local history, art and culture are kept. Finds from the pile dwelling settlement from nearby Lake Ledro (approx. 1500 BC) are exhibited here


Church Chiesa dell'Inviolata - It is the most famous monument of Riva. It was built by a Portuguese architect at the beginning of the 17th century as a place of pilgrimage, as the guardian of a mysterious tabernacle. The interior of the church, in Baroque style, is an octagon, with five altars, three portals, frescoed vaults and stuccoes, carved wooden confessionals and marble floors.


Reptiland - It is a reptile house right in the center of Riva del Garda with poisonous snakes and scorpions, constrictors and tarantulas.But in addition to fascinating exotic animal species, Reptiland would also like to provide information about the fascinating fauna native to the Lake Garda region. Among the most fascinating snakes are without a doubt the cobra, the green mamba, the rattlesnake, the burmese python and many more. This exhibition is located in Piazza Garibaldi 1, in the center of Riva.



High above the Sarca Valley and the pretty town of Arco, the 12th-century castle sits enthroned in a spectacular location on a cliff. The castle can be reached on foot from the village below in about 20 minutes. The short hike through beautiful olive groves is rewarded with a magnificent view. ​


Arco, the climbing paradise - Is there anything nicer than feeling the sun on your face and the warm rocks under your hands? The Sarca Valley and the town of Arco is the destination par excellence. This little town is the magical center for all climbing fans, offering breathtaking climbing routes and beautiful landscapes.


The arboretum, the tree park of Arco - Archduke Albert von Habsburg had the idea in the 19th century to accommodate all or at least a large part of the Mediterranean plant world in a single park, and the trees and plants of the arboretum still exude all the scents today , which is so well known from the Mediterranean region. This beautiful park, close to the city center, is open to the public.

2. Canale di Tenno & Lago do Tenno

Excursion to the Grotta Cascata del Varone Park, Via Cascata 12, Tenno.An imposing waterfall northwest of Riva del Garda, which offers an impressive natural spectacle.For thousands of years, the torrent Varone has dug its way through the rock faces and crashes down with a thunderous roar.It is quite cold and wet in the throat, please bring appropriate clothing.


The medieval village of Canale di Tenno above Lake Garda is close to Lago di Tenno. It languished desertedly before being revived by artists in the 1960s. They set up studios in the houses and created a meeting place for cultural workers. People are now living again in the small village, which is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. ​


Lake Tenno is truly a pearl in the middle of the Trentino landscape with a wonderful shade of sky blue and turquoise. The lake is located near Riva, at 570 m above sea level, nestled in a pristine natural landscape at the foot of Monte Misone. The shore of the lake is not developed and cannot be reached directly by car - a medieval staircase leads visitors to the lake. The lake is surrounded by a dense forest, which - together with the white stones on the lake bottom - gives it its green-turquoise color and gives it a touch of tropical flair. Lake Tenno is quite simply an oasis of calm, ideal for relaxation. Thanks to the pleasant water temperature in summer, it is also suitable for swimming. The lake can also be circumnavigated in a leisurely one-hour walk.

3. Bathing & Sports

Riva, Torbole and Arco - These three towns form the magical sports paradise triangle. An idyll for surfers, sport climbers and mountain bikers.Here's a recommendation for mountain bikers: ride a mountain bike or e-bike up Monte Tremalzo. The Bike X-Treme Race also takes place here, starting in Riva or Limone.


Torbole on Lake Garda is the ultimate surfing paradise. There are various interesting mountain bike trails on Monte Baldo near Torbole. ​


Stroll along the beautiful lakeside promenade from Riva to Torbole, also ideal for biking.There are two child-friendly beaches Spiaggia Sabboni and Spiaggia dei Pini on the lakeside promenade of Riva. ​


Hike the steep path from Riva to the mighty Venetian gun tower perched high above the town on the rocky slope of Monte Rocchetta. From this tower, called Bastione, you can enjoy a magnificent view of Riva and Lake Garda.

Link: - Lake Garda, the paradise for mountain bikers. ​

Link: - Information on mountain bike tours and more. ​

4. Excursions & Boat timetable Lake Garda

Line ships on Lake Garda travel north from Desenzano to Malcesine and Riva.From Riva you can return via Gargnano, Salo and Desenzano.


For information on the boat trips schedule on Lake Garda click here...

The car ferry takes you from Toscolano to Torri in 20 minutes.There is a lot to see on the Verona side of Lake Garda: Gardaland, Colà thermal park, various nature parks and water parks, cable car from Malcesine to Monte Baldo (at 1700 meters altitude), Verona.On the Brescian side of Lake Garda you can visit the beautiful towns of Toscolano-Maderno, Gardone and Salo.


For information on the timetable of the Lake Garda - car ferry from Toscolano-Maderno to Torri click here...

Riva: Monte Brione is a small mountain range (highest point 376 meters above sea level) in the lower Sarca Valley - a hill that acts as a natural viewing platform over Lake Garda. Ideal for a spring walk through the olive groves of Riva up to the viewpoints. ​


Arco: The path of the Marocche di Dro is an easy circular route of about 5 kilometers in an almost lunar landscape, in a vast rocky desert where the flora and fauna have adapted to a particularly arid habitat. The Marocche are the debris of ancient, huge landslides on Monte Brento caused by the retreat of the glacier. The path is equipped with many clear signs and rest areas where you can enjoy the geomorphological and naturalistic peculiarity of this natural oasis. In this lunar landscape desert is the Laghisol, a small isolated body of water with interesting swamp vegetation.

Wellness excursion to Trento, to the Terme di Comanoin Comano. The current thermal establishment has bathrooms, a hydro-massage department, aerosol therapy equipment, and of course there are modern bathing facilities. ​



The northern shore of Lake Garda around Riva and Torbole offers beautiful hiking areas, such as the Monte Baldo massif and the large Alto Garda Bresciano park, which extends to Salò. ​


Hike along the Ponale road. This is a road on the north western shore of Lake Garda that connects Riva del Garda to the Val di Ledro valley. Today it is only accessible to hikers and cyclists ​


Excursion to Lago di Ledro, a lake with deep blue water, surrounded by dense mountain forests and alpine scenery.


Excursion from Riva to the Gardens of Trautmannsdorff Castle, Via San Valentino 51a, Meran (BZ) . Travel time by car to Merano is around 2 hours. You should also plan 3 to 6 hours for your visit.



Excursion to a fashion outlet, easily accessible from Riva: Falconeri Outlet, at the Ala-Avio / A 22 motorway exit, Via del lavoro 18, Avio - Superior Cashmere Falconeri, timeless fashion, is created here without intermediaries and with respect for the environment. For lovers of cashmere and natural yarns. ​


5. Restaurants

Villetta Annessa

A really very nice location, you can eat here on the terrace.Friendly service and really good grilled dishes.

Address Via Monte Oro 9, beim Hotel Villa Miravalle, Riva del Garda

Phone +39 0464 55 23 35

Rest day Monday


Al Volt

Atmospheric, romantic restaurant with very comfortable outdoor seating.The dishes are a taste experience and of high quality.

Address Via Fiume 73, Riva del Garda

Phone +39 0464 55 25 70


Ristorante Antiche Mura

The well-run restaurant on the edge of the old town serves locals and tourists with Mediterranean delicacies from the countryside.

Address Via Bastione 19, Riva del Garda

Phone +39 0464 55 60 63

Rest day Wednesday

6. Events

Events in Riva:


  • Weekly market in Riva del Garda, twice a month, on Wednesdays

  • Bike Festival Garda Trentino, with over 3'000 participants, near Riva, in May

  • Music Festival, at Lake Ledro, near Riva, in June

  • Ledro Sky race. Mountain running event, near Lake Ledro, in June

  • Ledroman Triathlon Race, near Lake Ledro, in July

  • Medieval festival with dance and folklore, in Tenno, near Riva, in August

  • Piano festival at Lake Ledro, near Riva, in August

  • Street Music X-strada Festival, in Riva, from June to August

  • Garda Jazz Festival, near Riva, Torbole, Nago, Arco, from July to August

  • Musica Riva Festival, with performances by young musicians, in Riva and Arco, from July to August

  • Fairytale night with fireworks and many events for all ages, in Riva, at the beginning of September

  • Ledro Comics Festival , at Lake Ledro, near Riva, in September

  • Fiera San Michele. cattle exhibition at Lake Ledro, in September

  • Choir Festival, in Riva, in October

  • Garda con gusto. Culinary event, in Riva, in November


Events in Arco:


  • Easter concerts in the church in Arco, from April to May

  • Rock Master Event in Arco, in August.

  • ITSC Climbing Event Youth world championship Arco, in August.

  • Bonsai exhibition on the subject of bonsai, in April

  • International chess tournament, for masters and junior players, in October.

Riva - View

Grotta Cascata del Varone

Park and beach

Ship landung stage

Zentraler Platz mit Restaurants

Seefestung La Rocca in Riva

Riva - town center

Seafront promenade

Gun turret Monte Rocchetta over Riva

Park - Cascate di Varone

Park Cascata del Varone

Park mit Blumen - Cascate di Varone bei Riva

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