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The village offers a lot of rest and relaxation. Various beautiful, spacious beaches and many hiking opportunities in the large Alto Garda Bresciano Nature Park, which stretches from Salò to Limone (50 km).There are various campsites along the lake and the village offers good shopping and various good restaurants. We recommend the hike to the Toscolano Valley and a visit to the Paper Museum. Another hiking trail leads up to Gaino, with beautiful views of the lake. Boats sail from Maderno all over the lake and a car ferry connects Maderno with Torri on the other side of the lake.

1. Sights

Church of Sant'Andrea Apostolo, located in the center of the village of Maderno.The Romanesque-Lombard church building stands out from the modern buildings all around.Even the beautifully designed facade is evidence of the excellent stonemasonry of the 12th century. The beautifully crafted capitals of the columns inside the church and the late Gothic frescoes and the crypt are worth seeing.Also inside the church is a valuable painting by the painter Paolo Veneziano depicting a Madonna con Bambino (Virgin with Child).

Church of Santi Pietro e Paolo in Toscolano, near the lake.The interior of the church is a veritable gallery of paintings by the famous Venetian painter Andrea Celesti.Right next to the church is the Roman villa of the Nonii Arrii, one of the most important residential buildings of Roman times.Not much has been preserved of this once imposing villa.

Port of Toscolano.The charming little harbor is surrounded by old palaces that were once inhabited by rich, noble families.Between the 15th and 17th centuries it was an important transport port for goods and iron bound for Venice.From here you can see the remains of the many Limonaie that shaped the area up to the beginning of the 20th century and were the region's main source of income.

Link: - Tourist information for the municipality of Toscolano-Maderno, also in English.

2. Holiday home in the center of Toscolano

The holiday home Casa Marsilva is located in Toscolano, in the center of the village, in a quiet area, with a roof terrace and lake view.300 meters to the beach. Guests who want to rent one of the two beautiful holiday apartments can view information about the holiday home and also check availability on this blog. You can also write an e-mail to for more information.

Click here for more information about the holiday home...

3. Swimming, Sports & Golf

Bathing beach in an olive grove near the parish church of Santi Pietro e Paoloin Toscolano. Beaches at the various campsites between Toscolano and Maderno. Beautiful lake promenade from Toscolano to Maderno (4 km long). Bathing beach in Maderno: well-organized lido with sand and pebble beach on the lake promenade: Lido azzurro (child-friendly)

Link: - Information about paragliding on Lake Garda, in Toscolano-Maderno. ​

Link: - Information on mountain bike tours in the Toscolano-Maderno area. ​


Horseback riding: Scuderia Castello, Toscolano-Maderno, Gaino fraction, Via Castello 10. Horseback riding in a beautiful landscape, with views of the lake.



Cisco Sport, Via Statale 66, Toscolano-Maderno - Here you can rent good, powerful Shimano e-bikes for one or more days.


Golf at Toscolano-Maderno and Bogliaco/Gargnano: Bogliaco Golf Resort - Via del Golf 21 - I-25088 Toscolano Maderno (BS) (Brescia) Lake Garda Italy. Beautiful 18-hole golf course (par 69). You can reach this golf course from Toscolano-Maderno by driving north to Bogliaco (before Gargnano), then a few km up the valley and you are at the golf course. ​


4. Hiking & Excursions & Boat trips timetable Lake Garda

Line ships on Lake Garda travel north from Desenzano to Malcesine and Riva. From Riva you can return via Gargnano, Salò and Desenzano.


For information on the boat schedule on Lake Garda click here...

The car ferry takes you from Toscolano to Torri in 20 minutes. There is a lot to see on the Verona side of Lake Garda: Gardaland, Colà thermal park, various nature parks and water parks, cable car from Malcesine to Monte Baldo (at 1700 meters altitude), Verona. On the Brescian side of Lake Garda you can visit the beautiful towns of Toscolano-Maderno, Gardone and Salò.


For information on the timetable of the Lake Garda - car ferry from Toscolano-Maderno to Torri click here...

Excursion by boat from Maderno to Lake Garda Island, with organized guided tours.On the island visit of the castle and the nature park.

Hike to Gaino. This hike leads from the village center of Toscolano on footpaths up to Pulciano, then on to the church of Gaino, at a beautiful vantage point. The small village of Gaino is idyllically situated on a high plateau above Toscolano-Maderno and can be reached on foot in about 30 minutes on a beautiful hiking trail. This secluded village is the perfect draw for those seeking tranquility who want to escape the hustle and bustle of mass tourism during their vacation. Due to its location, Gaino promises beautiful views of the lake and is considered a Mecca for hikers. Beautiful hiking trails invite you to admire the flora and fauna. From here you can start hiking on Monte Castello or Monte Pizzoccolo. Worth seeing is the parish church of Gaino, which lies majestically over the hamlet, with a fantastic view of the lake and the Isola del Garda.

Excursion to the Toscolano Valley. This hike begins in the center of Toscolano, near the bridge. It leads along the Toscolano river, through the narrow, romantic valley. You can do it on foot or by bike. A romantic walk through the valley, which is a nature reserve, with many antique, dilapidated ruins of the former paper mills. In the valley, at the paper factory museum, a hiking trail leads up to Gaino (beautiful view over the lake), from where you can hike back down to Toscolano (possibly stop at the good ice cream parlor in Pulciano) (circular hike, in 1 to2 hours feasible). ​

Link: - Information on the Paper Mill Museum in the Toscolano Valley, near Toscolano-Maderno. Information also in English.

Hike to Monte Castello (900 meters above sea level). From Toscolano you first hike up to Gaino on small footpaths, but you can also reach Gaino in a short time by car. From Gaino you can climb this mountain with a fairly long but beautiful hike. You have to hike around the mountain first, as it is too steep on the lake side, then climb up the mountain on the north side of the mountain through the forest, every now and then you have to climb up the attached ropes in the last section. The beautiful view of the lake then rewards the hiker. If you want to get to the top of Monte Castello faster, you can drive up the mountain via Gargnano to Navazzo. From there, the walk to the summit is much shorter. ​


Hike to Monte Pizzocolo (1500 meters above sea level), with a beautiful view of the entire lake and the Alps. Drive by car to the left or right of the mountain up to an altitude of around 1000 m. Park the car and then walk up to the Rifugio Pirlo allo Spino, and then continue to the top of Monte Pizzocolo (about 2.5 hours on foot).

5. Restaurants - Ice cream shops - Food

Il Boccone

The simple, good osteria is located near the Toscolano bridge. Small road towards Maderno

Address Via Cavour, 71, Toscolano Maderno BS

Phone +39 0365 64 25 12

Rest day Tuesday


La Cucineria

Simple, good restaurant in the village center of Toscolano.

Address Via Trento, 170, Toscolano Maderno BS.

Phone +39 0365 22 46 83

Rest day Tuesday



The restaurant with pizzeria is located on the main road in the village of Maderno. Gluten-free pizza can also be ordered here.

Address Via Statale Maderno, 53, Toscolano Maderno (Brescia).

Phone +39 0365 64 26 74


Very good restaurant, located above Maderno, with a beautiful view.

Address Via Monte Maderno, 39 - Toscolano-Maderno BS.

Phone +39 0365 54 03 73

Osteria Gatto d'Oro

Interesting osteria, near the lake, in Maderno.

Address Via Fratelli Bianchi 41 - Toscolano Maderno (Brescia).

Phone +39 339 621 94 93

Ristorante Golf Bogliaco

Very friendly service, delicious food at reasonable prices. In summer you can sit on the beautiful terrace overlooking the golf course

Address Via del Golf 21, Toscolano-Maderno (der Golfplatz kann mit dem Auto über Bogliaco erreicht werden)

Phone +39 0365 64 30 06


Hotel Belvedere

You can eat on the terrace with a wonderful view of Lake Garda. The food is excellent, the staff friendly and accommodating.

Address Via Maclino 6, Toscolano-Maderno (das Restaurant befindet sich hoch oben über Maderno)

Phone +39 0365 64 12 10


Ristorante al Bertansì

Delicious food, nice ambience and perfect service. The view from the covered terrace is beautiful.

Address Via Roina 49, Toscolano-Maderno (das Restaurant erreicht man über Bogliaco in Richtung Golfplatz)

Phone +39 0365 64 31 26

Rest day Tuesday

Osteria Ai Cantagai

Small simple restaurant near the center of Gaino, above Toscolano-Maderno. Delicious food, friendly service. Good value for money.

Address Via Andrea del Sarto 23, Toscolano-Maderno (Fraktion Gaino)

Phone +39 0365 64 17 85

Trattoria La Sosta

The small restaurant is located in the village center of Cecina, above Toscolano-Maderno. Family-run, good restaurant

Address Via Cecina 79, Toscolano-Maderno

Phone +39 0365 64 42 95

Rest day Tuesday

Ristorante Pizzeria La Macina

Restaurant in the center of Cecina, above Toscolano-Maderno.

Address Via Cecina 6, Toscolano-Maderno

Phone +39 0365 64 30 95

Ice cream shops - Food

Gelateria Ciocolat

Here you will find delicious ice cream.

Address Via Statale 130, Toscolano

Phone +39 0365 54 16 99

Gelateria Castellari

Closed at the moment due to business transfer, until further notice (as of 19.8.22). This ice cream parlor is located between Gaino and Toscolano, in the small village of Pulciano. Super nice view. You can relax here, perfect after a short hike.

Address Via Pulciano Gaino, Toscolano-Maderno

Phone +39 0365 64 26 81

Rest day Wednesday

Bar Gelateria Babo

Ice cream parlor and coffee shop in the center of Toscolano. You can sit comfortably outside here

Address Piazza Caduti 1, Toscolano

Bio Market Shop

The herbal shop Erboristeria Biancospino offers you new and natural products for your well-being. Here you will find a wide range of articles dedicated to phytotherapy, your beauty and natural nutrition. You will also find vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as bread, wines, natural cosmetics and remedies.

Address Via Statale, Toscolano

Phone +39 0365 64 15 34

Rest day Sunday

Le Mani in Pasta

Good bakery. Here you also find homemade pasta and other delicacies. The bakery is located in the center of Maderno in the small village street just behind the church of Sant'Andrea Apostolo

Address Via Benamati, Maderno


Frantoio / Oil mill - Oleificio Bonaspetti Carlo Eredi

Here you can buy extra virgin olive oil directly from the producer.The Frantoio is located on the Toscolano river towards the lake.

Address Via Bellini 75, Toscolano-Maderno

Phone +39 0365 64 10 60


Frantoio / Oil mill - Oleificio Morani Cecilia

Here you can buy extra virgin olive oil directly from the producer.The Frantoio is on the main road between Toscolano and Maderno.

Address Via Trento 64, Toscolano

Phone +39 0365 64 11 04

6. Events

Events in Toscolano-Maderno:

  • The weekly market, in Viale Guglielmo Marconi 15 in Toscolano, takes place every Thursday from 8am to 1pm.The bustling yet relaxed atmosphere of the market is where locals and visitors mingle in search of bargains. Whether you want to buy shoes and clothes, a handbag or an espresso machine: you will find it here. At the weekly market in Toscolano you can also buy high quality local fruit and vegetables and delicacies at affordable prices.

  • Night of San Lorenzo. Shooting Stars - Night, in various towns around Lake Garda, also in the area from Toscolano to Salò, at the beginning of August

  • Fireworks around the lake, also in the area from Toscolano to Salò, in summer

  • Palio delle Bisse - Traditional rowing boat race in different places of Lake Garda, also in the area from Toscolano to Salò, from June to August.

Toscolano Maderno

Holiday home Casa Marsilva - roof terrace

Lido Maderno with sandy beach

Valle delle Cartiere with Paper Factories Museum

Wander- Fahrradweg - Fussbängerbrücke über den Toscolano-Fluss

Toscolano - Weekly market on Thursday

Port of Toscolano

Beach in Toscolano

Car ferry from Maderno to Torri

Eisdiele: Gelateria Castellari - Pulciano Gaino

Living room

Strand Toscolano

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