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Limone & Gargnano

Gargnano is an idyllic village with a beautiful port. Beautiful, long promenade, from the village center of Gargnano in a northerly direction to Villa Feltrinelli and on. Slightly north of Gargnano is the Park Le Fontanelle, with a quiet area on a lawn in the middle of an olive grove, with a children's playground. Here you can swim, relax, play beach volleyball. You can also rent surfboards, sailing boats and mountain bikes.


Limone is very romantic, with small boutiques and delis. There are nice cafes and restaurants with a beautiful view of the lake. A little above the village you can visit the old lemon houses. Limone is car free. You can park your car in front of the village on a large parking lot. Limone is easily accessible by boat from Malcesine and Riva. From the center of the village, a beautiful footpath and cycle path, several kilometers long, leads in the direction of Riva

1. Sights

Gargnano: Villa Feltrinelli is located just north of Gargnano and is the most famous historic building in the area. It was built towards the end of the 19th century and is embedded in a magnificent park. Between 1943 and 1945 Villa Feltrinelli was the residence of Benito Mussolini, who lived there with his family. Today, the exclusive Grand Hotel can best be admired from the lake, or from the free bathing beach and park Le Fontanelle.

Gargnano: Church and Convent of San Francesco - The convent was founded by the Franciscans in the 13th century and the church was built in the same century. The courtyard with the cloister of the monastery, which is worth seeing, is surrounded by arcades whose pillars bear capitals with low reliefs of fish, birds, lemon and cedar leaves and fruits.


This splendid villa, historical home of the Counts of Bettoni, is located in Bogliaco, where the descendants of the family still reside today: in a majestic villa, unique and immersed in a monumental garden between the peaks of the Alps and the shores of Lake Garda. Directly overlooking Lake Garda, the villa, built by three of the most talented architects of the time, has always impressed its guests with the elegant frescoes, the magnificent sculptures, the sumptuous furniture and the precious paintings of the beautiful library. The Bettoni family, who still lives there today, opens the doors of this historic residence.



Link: - Booking and purchasing an online ticket is required to visit Villa Bettoni. Price for the guided tour from EUR 15

Link: - Ancient Limonaia in Gargnano. Information also in English.


Limone: The chapel of Saint Rocco, called Chiesa San Rocco, located at the northern exit of the old town, was built in the mid-16th century as a thanksgiving by those Limonese who escaped the great plague epidemic that afflicted all of northern Italy. The church, frescoes and bell tower were completed over the next two centuries. Beautifully situated between rocks, the lake and the lemon gardens, it is one of the picturesque and most photographed corners of Limone.


Limone: The Church of Saint Peter is also called San Pietro in Oliveto (Saint Peter in the Olive Grove) because of its location in the middle of the olive grove, above Limone. This 9th century church is the oldest in Limone and was built in Romanesque style.The simplicity of the little church and the frescoes, which are limited to the essentials, show what deep religiosity once dominated the life of the community.


Limonaia del Castèl - Limone's most famous lemon house is located in the old town, on Via Castello, and extends over several terraces. It is now a museum and can be visited. Regular tours take place and you have a beautiful view over the houses of the old town.

2. Excursions & boat trips timetable Lake Garda

Line ships on Lake Garda travel north from Desenzano to Malcesine and Riva.From Riva you can return via Gargnano, Salo and Desenzano.

For information on the boat schedule on Lake Garda click here...

The car ferry takes you from Toscolano to Torri in 20 minutes.There is a lot to see on the Verona side of Lake Garda: Gardaland, Colà thermal park, various nature parks and water parks, cable car from Malcesine to Monte Baldo (at 1700 meters altitude), Verona.On the Brescian side of Lake Garda you can visit the beautiful towns of Toscolano-Maderno, Gardone and Salo.

For information on the timetable of the Lake Garda car ferry from Toscolano-Maderno to Torri click here...

Tignale plateau - A little further south of Tremosine is the municipality of Tignale.It is easily accessible by car from Gargnano.It is a group of villages located at an altitude of 500 and 600 meters above Lake Garda.The Tignale plateau, in the middle of the Parco Alto Garda Bresciano Natural Park, is a beautiful area for hikers.The main attraction is the Santuario di Monte Castello, a pilgrimage church dedicated to Mary.The church rises above the lake on a steep rock. Up here is also the visitor center of the Natural Park of Upper Garda, in Prabione (municipality of Tignale).You can also visit an olive oil mill in Tignale.From the Tignale plateau you can continue, always on the plateau, to the Commune of Tremosine, high above Limone.


The Tignale Tourist Office organizes various initiatives for sports fans.These include the guided hikes, which usually take place on Wednesdays and Fridays.On routes suitable for everyone, you will discover not only the natural beauties, but also the history and traditions of the area.Sometimes tastings are also offered.Examples of organized hikes: Bassa Via del Garda, the ancient path that led to Gargnano - Water echoes: excursion to the Canai waterfalls - Walk to the Cima Piem mountain hut - The panoramas of Cima Rocchetta, near Monte Denervo.


Link: - Information from the tourist office in Tignale, also in English.

Link: - Adventure Park Parco avventura Flying Frogs, in Tignale. Information also in English.

Hike to Monte Castello (900 meters above sea level), with a beautiful view of the lake.Go up by car from Gargnano for about 8 km to the small village of Navazzo.Park your car below the top of Monte Castello.The hike to the summit takes about 1 hour.


About 20 kilometers north of Gargnano, in the middle of the Parco Regionale, lies the small village of Magasa with its 150 inhabitants at an altitude of 970 meters.The Cima Rest plateau begins right next to Magasa, a wonderful piece of land.From here, the hiker has a magnificent panorama in front of him and many hiking opportunities.Many paths lead through green forests and alpine pastures and in Magasa and Valvestino the visitor has the opportunity to taste the regional cheese in restaurants.


Gargnano: The Cima Rest plateau has acquired a peculiar character thanks to a large number of hay barns (fienili) with a unique architectural style, which have been transformed into rustic cottages and formerly used to store fodder and livestock. A particular highlight is located near Magasa;the Osservatorio Astronomico di Cima Rest. At an altitude of 1,300 meters above Lake Garda, amateur astronomers are in the process of documenting for visitors that this natural environment is free from air pollution, making the experience of stars and planets particularly interesting


Limone: From Limone you can reach the Tremosine plateau by car.Tremosine is the name of the community that consists of 18 small villages.They are located on the mountain slopes on the western shore of Lake Garda, between Gargnano and Limone.The nature here is breathtakingly beautiful and various hiking trails invite you to enjoy nature and fauna.From different places you can enjoy beautiful views of the lake. The hilltop village of Pieve is a beautiful village with narrow streets.From some of the restaurants you can look down almost 350 meters along the cliffs.From the Hotel Miralago a hiking trail leads along the rocks down to Lake Garda.


Limone: Driving by car to Pieve or back to the lake through the Brasa Gorge is also an exciting adventure.The road that follows the small river Brasa from Tremosine down to Lake Garda, partly literally glued to the rocks, is also called Strada della Forra.Without a doubt, this narrow street is one of the most beautiful streets on Lake Garda.


In the vicinity of Pieve there is a cheese cooperative selling agricultural products.Address: Via Provinciale, Tremosine sul Garda



3. Swimming, Sports & Golf

Park Le Fontanelle, with a beautiful beach, bar, restaurant, olive grove, beach volleyball, children's playground.This park is located a little north of the village center of Gargnano. ​


Bathing beach at Bogliaco (district of Gargnano), near the new, large yacht harbour ​


Golf at Toscolano-Maderno and Bogliaco/Gargnano: Bogliaco Golf Resort - Via del Golf 21 - Toscolano Maderno (BS) - Beautiful 18-hole golf course (par 69).You can reach this golf course by driving a few km up the valley at Bogliaco (before Gargnano).



4. Restaurants

La Tortuga

The restaurant is located in the center of Gargnano.It is one of the temples of local gastronomy and the food is excellent, so are the prices.

​Address Via XXIV Maggio 5, Gargnano (BS)

Phone +39 338 167 21 48

Rest day Tuesday

Ristorante allo Scoglio

Restaurant with a beautiful garden on the lake shore, where you can also eat outside.

​Address Via Barbacane 3, Bogliaco (BS)

Phone +39 0365 71 030


Simple restaurant with a wonderful panoramic terrace high above the lake

​Address Via Muslone 48, Gargnano (BS)

Phone +39 0365 71 223

Rest day Tuesday


Hotel Baia d'Oro

Restaurant by the lake, in the hotel.

​Address Via Donatori di Sangue 13, Gargnano (BS)

Phone +39 0365 71 171

La Bissa

The restaurant is located in the Hotel Du Lac.

​Address Via Colletta 21, Villa di Gargnano (BS)

Phone +39 0365 71 107

Trattoria San Martino 3 Oche

Good restaurant in the village center.

​Address Via Roma 33, Gargnano (BS)

Phone +39 0365 71 436

Pizzeria Ristorante Bar Le Fontanelle

Restaurant right on the lake, with a terrace.Located in Le Fontanelle Park, just outside Gargnano.

​Address Via Rimembranza 32, Parco le Fontanelle, Gargnano (BS)

Phone +39 0365 79 13 09


Ristorante Pizzeria al Lago

Directly on the lake with a large terrace, at the port, in the center of Gargnano.

​Address Via Marconi 1, Gargnano (BS)

Phone +39  72 759

Rest day Wednesday


Ristorante Sostaga

Exclusive, excellent restaurant, with a terrace and a beautiful view of the lake.It is located high above Gargnano, near Navazzo.

​Address Via Sostaga 19, Navazzo di Gargnano (BS)

Phone +39 0365 79 12 18

Trattoria Bar Giglio di Roberto Piccinni

Nice restaurants at the campsite, high above Gargnano with a beautiful view of the lake.

​Address Via Angelo Feltrinelli 163, Navazzo (BS)

Phone +39 0365 71 177

Rest day Monday

Ristorante Al Terrazzo

Top address for great food with a view over Lake Garda.Extremely friendly and courteous service and original Lombard cuisine.

Address Via Piletta 5, Tignale (in der Nähe von Gargnano)

Phone +39 0365 76 02 30

Rest day Monday

Osteria La miniera - Restaurant

Good restaurant on the Tignale plateau

Address Via Chiesa 9, Gardola (BS)

Phone +39 0365 76 02 25

Phone +39 333 170 64 04  (Tel. number of Sergio)


Osteria Da Livio

Good Italian restaurant located a little outside of the village of Limone, on a hill, with a beautiful view of Lake Garda.You can also eat outside on the terrace.

​Address Via Tovo 3, Limone (BS)

Phone +39 0365 95 42 03

Rest day Monday

Cafè Gelateria Pink Panther

Nice friendly little ice cream shop in the village center.The selection is not overly large, but there is still something for every taste.

Address Via Monsignor Daniele Comboni 19, Limone

Phone +39 0365 95 43 84

Gelateria Qciari

Super delicious ice cream (gelato), in the village center, with a beautiful view of the lake.

Address Via Porto 21A, Limone

Phone +39 380 305 70 49

5. Events

Events near Gargnano:

  • Easter festival with S-Ciapi, Easter eggs - Titschen, in Tremosine, near Gargnano and Limone, at Easter

  • Tremosine by night, with bike and foot races on the famous Strada della Forra, in September

  • Tignale, near Gargnano and Limone - Truffle Festival, in Tignale, in September

  • Tremosine, near Gargnano and Limone Gastronomic hike Cinquemiglia del ghiottone, in Tremosine, in June

  • Tremosine, near Gargnano and Limone Tremalzo Bike, near Tremosine, in October

  • Lemon Festival Limonaie, with music, exhibitions and guided tours, in Gargnano, in April

  • Centomiglia sailing regatta, in Bogliaco, near Gargnano, in September

  • Weekly market in Gargnano, twice a month, on Wednesdays

Events near Limone:

  • Yellow Night Festival with music and fireworks, in Limone, in August

  • Limonaia sotto le stelle. Evening visit to the lemon gardens and museum, near Limone, from May to September

  • Tennis tournament, near Limone, from August to September

  • Extreme Skyrace, near Limone, in October

  • Lake Garda Marathon, near Limone, in October

  • Weekly market in Limone, every week, every Tuesday

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Brasa Gorge at Pieve

Bike and hiking trail near Limone

Limonaia at Limone

Little port in the center of Limone

Boat trip on Lake Garda

Altstadt von Limone mit Restaurants


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